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    Rope @ Versteckt, Just Around The Corner, DE-Berlin

    Date: 29.05.2010 / 20:00
    Location: Versteckt, Just Around The Corner in DE-Berlin
    Entry fee: zero Euro (estimate).

    Rope are very happy to invite YOU to the New Vernissage of the astonishing Bordeaux painter Muriel Rodolosse – in Berlin on Saturday



    Versteckt, Just Around The Corner is a temporary location in Rudi-Dutschke-Strasse 18, near underground station Kochstrasse in the heart of Berlin.
    Muriel Rodolosse paints all her partly giant imagery on plexiglas, with the painting hand on the back side of the glass, which lends a highly glossy surface to the images. Extremely sexy.

    Muriel haaa...DaDa!
    Muriel Rodolosse – Haaa…Dada!



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