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    US-Austin-TX, Rope @ SXSW

    Date: 15.03.1998 / 19:00
    Location: SXSW in US-Austin-TX
    Entry fee: ?? Euro (estimate).

    ROPE AT SXSW, 03/1998

    At first glance, Rope appeared to be your standard modern rock´n´roll combo with drums, bass, guitar, and keyboards. But as they opened their set Friday night at midnight at Tropical Isle on 6th Street, Rope revealed themselves to be a band steeped in the electronic music that put their

    native homeland of Germany on the musical map with bands like Kraftwer!
    k and Einsteinzer Neubatten.

    For a band that relies so heavily on the idioms of experimental music – such as the incorporation of a drum machine and a real drummer, along with a sampler, keyboard synthesizer, and voice manipulation – Rope is a remarkably tight act that eschews the notion that there are any heroes that carry the band.

    With commanding, almost robotic vocals from lead singer Yanick, who also plays the keyboards, samplers, drum machines, and other things that go ``bing!,`` Rope has a moody, almost hypnotic sound
    maybe it´s the kind of thing you´d hear in a heroin trance when there´s nothing left to do but drool.

    gregory j. pleshaw


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