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    Artists listed below are somehow associated with kliklak.net. If you need to contact them use the contact page.

    Air Cushion Finish – ambient choirs, homeopathic punk, free music travel
    Vedette – eerie vocal lines, an array of found sounds and glitchy, sputtering experimentalism (Bleep mag)
    PrinzenalleeBleubird & jayrope in Prinzenallee
    Rope – cinematic post rock, post electronica, illbient
    Jayrope – audiotic, currently working on music for contemporary dance
    Television Workshop – it’s in to die inside, noisy guitar classics

    Inactive or ceased
    Girls United – Bandcamp – experimental pop/open source lab
    Hardman Bros (Quatermass/Popup) – pop psychedelia
    Kimmo Elomaa – physical jazz bash on drums & live electronics
    Silk Konvertor – ambient/collage
    TAHJ – a Biesentales offspring
    Touchdonttouch – future experimental pop with Ana Dinextra
    The Sighs – no more hope for future folk

    Kliklak.net are a loose group of music lovers and makers from Berlin.

    Use the standalone → webcast (click tower drawing) for a broad, initially randomized mix of our music. Not for users of tunnelized reality perception. Erm.



    Assoziierte Künstler / → Myspace u. Ä.

    Air Cushion Finish – grosse Gesänge & Songs vom See
    PrinzenalleeBleubird and jayrope Post-Hiphop von der Prinzenallee
    Silence Community – verfolgen Dich im Schlaf – Bühnenmusik
    Rope (früher Geist Rec. ) – Experimental, Noise, Cinematic Postrock
    Touchdonttouch – Experimental, Melodramatic Popular Song
    Jayrope – kliklak.net

    Pausierende, kommen vielleicht wieder
    Kimmo Elomaa – das Ende von Jazz
    Girls United (dPulse Rec.) – Berlin AllStars improvisieren Pop
    Hardman (Quatermass Rec./Popup Rec.) – Psychedelia, Electronica
    Silk Konvertor – Ambient, Collage
    The Sighs – Future Folk
    Television Workshop – Fernsehen ohne Bild

    kliklak.net ist ein loser, multilingualer Haufen Berliner Musikliebhaber & -macher

    Im WEBCAST, gibts 265++ Tracks und Songs inkl. gelegentlicher Downloads. Das muesste erstmal reichen.

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    klik lako fony


    This was an audio collage since Nov. 2007. Myspace disallows now to use their players on external sites, therefore Klik lako fony might not sound. Or maybe it does this time? Here’s a stripped down version on Myspace, which works.

    Precautions. / → Adjustments. / → Record this.

    10 Myspace music players of kliklak.net artists play your own unique [read more.] mix below. Reload page for a new combination. Enjoy.

    Please comment here.

    Air Cushion Finish

    Homeless on broadband

    Imperial Guilt



    Scenic Panner

    Silk Konvertor

    Television Workshop

    The Sighs




    … 10 random players, each with 5 tracks, would result in 510 possible variations (9.765.625) alone.

    An always varying delay occurs on startup of every individual player – depending on your computer setup, internet provider & other unpredictable net-wide connectivity issues – this unpredictability should be sufficient for you to cut yourself a unique recording from this now.

    Adjusting collage
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    → Switch players on/off as desired.
    → Choose certain tracks from certain players by clicking on their name.
    Other notes
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    We’re not responsible for any ear and/or hardware and/or software damage. This page uses only flash and html.


    Hardman Bros / Pleasure Crimes für lau

    by Jane is K.O.

    Das neue Hardman Bros (Quatermass/Popup/Umor) Album PLEASURE CRIMES ist draussen und Du bekommst es umsonst.

    Mehr Info

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    kliklak mp3

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    We decided to kill the download page for the moment, as we need to pay rents and fill the empty fridges and stomachs.
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    Our music shop is currently deactivated aswell, should be back in some weeks.

    Meanwhile you can get Girls United on iTunes, Emusic and other download stores