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We’re a transparent flower storm on a warm spring day.

Here’s a very recent live set of jayrope & Suetszu (Barcelona) straight from Biesentales streaming radio, enjoy*

Air Cushion Finish latest album “Spree” will be available on vinyl 12” and CD on Hafenschlamm Rekords,, distributed by Cargo after May 16, 2014.

Find all released music here plus 6 hours of mastered bootlegs on

Vedette have a new album out as well. “I slept moments for you” is available digitally via Herb Recordings, UK. Here´s a pataphysical pop music video:

Television Workshop album “It’s in to die inside” then means minimal noise rock, post rock, no rock, simply electric guitar classics. Go listen.

Infamous no jazz players Kimmo Elomaa were sleeping for quite some time now, however, their tremendous improvisations on drums and live electronics have finally made it up on Bandcamp aswell, listen here.

All of those and most of other kliklak’s Echtzeitmusik can be found now on the ever-evolving downloads page. ENJOY

PRINZENALLEE: Don’t let nerds take over your life.
Don’t let them.

<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Don&#8217;t let nerds take over your life by Prinzenallee</a>

10" colored vinyl10-track debut out now on CD and 10”-vinyl and available via Endemik Music, Montreal for Americanos. Europeans better go here.

Real collectors get the Japanese special 14-track version from Granma Music.

All artists. – Berlin budget visitor services: Go here